Immigration Categories


Over the last 20 years, Visa INN is representing its clients in complex UK visa cases before the Home Office / UKVI, First Tier and Upper Tier Tribunals.

All Immigration Categories (Updated January 2021)

The list below shows the current and closed immigration categories. Contact us for more information and eligibility.

Visa Category Details Out / In-Country Open / Closed
Ancestry Grandparent born in UK / Commonwealth country – 5-year visa + ILR after 5 years Out of country OPEN
Ankara Visas – Turkish Worker CLOSED In-country CLOSED to new applications / Extensions still possible + IRL
Ankara Visas – Turkish Businessman CLOSED In-country CLOSED to new applications / Extensions still possible + IRL
Asylum Application for protection based on race, religion or nationality In-country OPEN
Au Pair CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED – Can count to ten-years long residence
British Nationality (ADULT) One year after ILR + 10 years lawful / or exception if married to British National. In-country OPEN
British Nationality (CHILD) Ten years after BIRTH IN THE UK / Or when EITHER parent gains ILR Out / In-Country OPEN
Child joining a settled parent in the UK Child accompanying or Joining settled parent in the UK/ of applying in the UK (ILR) Out / In-Country OPEN
EEA residence cards/ EEA Applications Since the UK has left the European Union, all EEA application routes are closed. CLOSED / those already in the UK can extend / ILR under Immigration rules
Entrepreneur Visa CLOSED In / Out-Country CLOSED to new applications/ Extensions still possible
Family Permit (See EEA Residence card above) CLOSED
Fiancé Visa (Appendix FM) (Also see marriage) Application to join a Settled Fiancé in the UK to marry and remain OUT of Country only OPEN
Global Talent Visa Exceptional talent in arts and culture/digital technology academia or research OUT of Country only OPEN
Highly Skilled Migrant/Exceptional Talent (Tier 1) CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED
Innovator Visa Set up a business endorsed by the UK approved body Out / In-Country OPEN
Investor visa (Tier 1) Invest £2,000,000 in the UK IN/Out-Country (Switching allowed from T1/T2/T4) OPEN
Long Residence (10 years lawful stay in the UK) Mix and match/any category continuous lawful leave (Indefinite Leave) In-Country OPEN
Long residence (20 years legal and illegal in the UK) Mix and match / any category lawful + unlawful In-Country OPEN
Marriage visa (Also see unmarried partner) Application on marriage/civil partnership or two years cohabitation (App. FM) Out / In-Country OPEN
Parents/Grandparents & dependant family members Application to join in the UK Out-Country OPEN
Post Study Work Visa *(New)* Two-year visa for students completing a degree or master’s degree in the UK In-Country OPEN for students enrolling 2021 academic year
Seasonal Agricultural Workers CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED
Student Visa (Previously Tier 4) *NEW* Application to study in the UK at a registered sponsor/university/college In* / Out-country (*Depending on visa status) OPEN
Skilled Worker (Old Tier 2 General) *NEW* Work for any registered sponsor/company in a skilled occupation In / Out-country OPEN
Start-up Visa *NEW* Set up an innovative business – something new that is not in the UK market In / Out-country OPEN
Tier 1 – Entrepreneur CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED – Extensions open
Tier 1 – General CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED – Can count to ten-years long residence
Tier 1 – Investor Open – See Investor above In / Out-Country OPEN
Tier 2 – General CLOSED – See new scheme – Skilled Workers above CLOSED CLOSED – extensions under Skilled worker/and ILR
Tier 2 – Minister of Religion Work for a registered sponsor as a religious worker In / Out-Country OPEN
Tier 4 – Student Visa ClOSED – See Student Visa above ClOSED CLOSED – extensions under Studnet Visa
Tier 5 – Temporary Worker Work experience/training / overseas Government language program etc. Out-country OPEN
Training & Work Experience Visa (TWES) CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED – can count to ten-years Long Residence
Visitors (6 months/ or 9 months study) Tourist / academic / medical / short-term student Out-country OPEN
Working Holidaymaker Visa CLOSED ClOSED CLOSED – can count to ten-years Long Residence
Tier 5 – Youth Mobility Scheme Australia / New Zealand / Hong Kong / Japan / Canada / Taiwan / Sam Morino / North Korea Out-Country OPEN