Ankara Visas – Turkish Worker Visa

Extend a Turkish Worker Visa in the UK


This is a HISTORIC immigration route that was made possible by European agreements that protected a Turkish person status if they had worked in a European country LEGALLY for a year – in that they could then remain and work in the same company for a further one year, the only requirement that the work had to be for the same employer and same role for the first three years, then any role for the same employer for the next year, and then any employer in the UK thereafter.


Sadly with the exit from the European Union, so two was the exit from the European provisions making this possible and as of 1 January 2022 no new applications can be submitted.


Although the scheme is closed to NEW Turkish Worker Visa applicants, it is still open for those who were granted Turkish worker visas and who have not yet completed the five years necessary for indefinite leave to remain.

  • Those holding Turkish worker visas can apply for further leave under the Ankara rules (and)
  • Those holding Turkish worker visas may still apply to bring family dependants to the UK to join them.
  • After five years, applicants can apply for Indefinite Leave to remain.

Cost of the application (UKVI fees)

  • Extension applications under Turkish worker visas are FREE
  • Indefinite leave applications are chargeable (UKVI) – £2033

How we can help?

Allan Van As has personally assisted many Turkish clients to change into this route, from students at the end of their degree to those on Marriage Visas that had broken down.

We have the knowledge, experience and ability to assist you. So why not give us a call on 03301131456, or contact Allan Van As and the VISA INN Team to request an initial assessment.

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