Asylum Applications

Submit an Asylum Application in the UK


Claims for asylum are claims made in the United Kingdom, seeking the protection of the United Kingdom from their country of origin under the Geneva Convention of Refugees.


In essence, a successful claimant has to prove that they are fleeing persecution and that the persecution that they suffered was: 

  • Due to their race
  • Their religion
  • Their nationality
  • Their political opinion
  • anything else that puts them at risk because of the social, cultural, religious or political situation in their country, for example, their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.

A person MUST show that they have failed to get protection from authorities in your own country (in other words their country government either was unable to protect them or unwilling to protect them)

(Asylum cases frequently go hand in hand with Human Rights based cases)

How to I apply

All applications for Asylum have to be made in person at the UKVI Asylum Screening Unit.

We would URGE anyone claiming asylum to seek professional advice PRIOR to attending a screening interview.

What visa will I receive?

  • Successful applicants will be granted refugee status for 5 years (or)
  • May be offered limited leave to remain until their 18 birthday (or)
  • May be refused asylum and be granted discretionary leave on Human Rights

Cost of the application (UKVI fees)


Please note that VISA INN do NOT provide Legal Aid – that means that clients have to pay our fees for us to represent them.

The UK Government does provide legal aid to some companies to offer FREE advice and representation.  We do not offer FREE advice and representation.

You can get FREE help here:

Asylum Help UK
Telephone: 0808 801 0503 * (Chargeable number)
Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm (24-hour service for emergencies)

If you wish to discuss your case with us, you will therefore be required to pay our professional fees.

We have the knowledge, experience and ability to assist you so why not give us a call on 03301131456, or contact Allan Van As and the VISA INN Team to request an initial assessment.

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