British Nationality (Naturalisation – Adult / Child)

Apply for a British Nationality (Naturalisation – Adult / Child)


British nationality is NOT a right – but is a discretion of the UK Government, and if refused, there is no appeal right (although a reconsideration can be requested).


British nationality applications are fraught with risk, given the stringent good character requirements.  To apply you need:.

  • To hold indefinite leave to remain
  • To have been lawfully present in the UK at all times up to a period of ten years
  • To be of good character (Includes debts/bankruptcy to past criminality)
  • To meet the residence requirements and not exceed allowable absences

It is open to anyone to apply who already holds indefinite leave or permanent residence. However, there is a specific difference whether you are married to a British citizen at the time of application as:

  • A person NOT married to a British citizen must hold ILR for one year and be present in the UK for five years.
  • A person MARRIED to a British citizen can apply immediately after ILR as long as having three years residence

What will I receive?

  • Successful applicants will be granted British Citizenship and be issued a certificate confirming their nationality.
  • Successful applicants can then apply for the issue of a British Passport

Costs of the application (UKVI Fees)

  • Nationality fee (Naturalisation) – £1330

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